Ocular Trauma Treatment at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital: Getting the Best Care for Your Eye Injury

What is an Ocular Trauma?

Ocular traumas are eye injuries such as bruises, punctures, or even scratches. They may be brought on by mishaps, chemical exposure, or eye foreign items.

Immediately consult an ophthalmologist if you have an eye injury. Rest and home remedies can help certain eye injuries recover. Others may severely harm eyes and impair eyesight.


Black eye:

A black eye is the result of trauma to the eye or the tissue surrounding it. It hurts, is bloated, and has bruises around the eye. Another option is to cut the eyelid. The swelling may cause eyesight problems.


Bleeding in the eye:

Excessive strain (as during a cough) or injury to the eye can cause an eye surface hemorrhage (bleeding). A subconjunctival hemorrhage occurs when blood stains the conjunctiva, the transparent layer of skin that covers the sclera, the white component of the eye.


Burns and irritation:

Irritating substances like chemicals, fumes, and other irritants can burn or harm the eyes, impairing vision.


Corneal abrasion:

The cornea can be scratched by foreign objects, fingernails, contact lenses, and other objects. The cornea is part of the front of the eye that is transparent and clear. Corneal abrasions hurt, make you sensitive to light, and make your eyes wet.


Foreign object injury:

When something becomes stuck in the eye, it can cause pain and vision issues. The most typical foreign particles in the eye are pieces of glass, dirt, or other debris. When contact lenses are worn for an extended period of time, eye damage can occur.

What eye injuries occur most frequently?

There are many degrees of eye injury. The following are some of the most typical eye injuries:


Orbital (eye socket) fractures:

Fractures of the orbit (eye socket) can result from trauma or blunt force to the bones that surround the eye. When an item or fist strikes the eye, an orbital fracture frequently results. Bones inside the eye socket break in an orbital blowout fracture. It is possible for the muscles that support the eyes to stretch, tear, or get tangled. This is especially dangerous for kids.



Detachment of the retina:

Detachment of the retina may result in permanent eyesight loss. Age-related changes or eye damage are the usual causes. It takes place when the retina, a thin tissue covering the back of the eye, begins to move away from the eye wall.

If not promptly and adequately treated, eye injuries can be a dangerous and painful condition that results in long-term damage. It’s essential to get medical help right away if you have an eye injury. Leading eye hospital Lall 20/20 Eye Treatments Hospital offers top-notch Ocular Trauma treatments for various eye injuries. Let’s have a look at different types of Ocular Trauma treatments done by highly experienced doctors at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital.

Immediate Medical Attention

Immediate medical intervention is essential in cases of ocular trauma in order to stop additional harm to the eye. Our emergency services at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital are accessible around-the-clock, and our staff of ophthalmologists is prepared to address any type of eye injury. When the patient gets to the hospital, a comprehensive examination is done to determine the severity of the injuries. The severity of the injury determines the best course of treatment.



Following ocular trauma treatment, rehabilitation is a crucial step in the healing process. We offer thorough rehabilitation services at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital to aid patients in regaining their eyesight and functionality. Counselling, occupational therapy, and visual treatment are all part of our rehabilitation programme.

Medication is sometimes used to treat eye injuries. For instance, medications are provided if the injury was brought on by an infection to stop it from spreading. In order to relieve pain and suffering, painkillers are also supplied.


Surgery may be necessary in cases of extreme ocular trauma to heal the damage caused by severe eye injuries. Modern surgical facilities and skilled ophthalmologists specializing in ocular trauma surgery are available at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital. The kind and extent of the injury determine the surgical approach. For ocular injuries, popular surgical techniques include:

Corneal Transplant

 When the cornea is injured or infected, surgery for a corneal transplant is required. A healthy cornea acquired from a donor is used to replace the damaged one.


 When the vitreous gel inside the eye is harmed owing to trauma, a vitrectomy is performed. A straightforward solution is used to replace the destroyed gel.

Retinal Detachment Repair

Surgery is necessary to reconnect the retina to the underlying tissue if it becomes detached due to damage.


Ocular trauma is a serious eye injury that has to be treated right away. We offer complete care for ocular trauma at Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital, including medication, surgery, and rehabilitation. Our cutting-edge facilities ensure that our patients receive the highest caliber of care, and our staff of skilled ophthalmologists with an experience of more than 20 years is well-equipped to handle any type of ocular damage. Do not hesitate to call Lall 20/20 Eye Care Hospital for prompt medical assistance if you or someone you know has had ocular trauma.

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