Make Your Life Lens-Free With Specs Removal Surgery In Gurgaon!

Do you find yourself reaching for glasses every time you try to read or write? Do your frames get foggy in the humid weather, and do they slide down at the most inconvenient times? Well, living with specs can be pretty difficult, leaving many individuals longing for a lens-free life.

Therefore, Lall Eye Care 20 20 is here to help you! Imagine waking up with crystal clear vision, where you do not have to search for your misplaced glasses. A specs removal surgery in Gurgaon can help you turn this dream into reality – waving goodbye to the daily struggles that come with wearing glasses.

So, in this blog, let us explore the realm of specs removal surgery in Gurgaon to unlock the world beyond frames. 

What Is Specs Removal Surgery?

A specs removal surgery is a type of medical procedure, also called refractive eye surgery, which helps to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. There are several types of specs removal surgery in Gurgaon but the common ones are LASIK, PRK, and SMILE. These procedures use laser technology to reshape the cornea, which helps in improving the eye’s ability to focus light and reducing the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

Now, let us explore them in detail – 


Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, LASIK is a transformative specs removal surgery in Gurgaon that corrects common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In it, a thin flap is created on the cornea using a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser. The surgeon then uses an excimer laser to reshape the cornea, which plays a crucial role in bending light to focus it on the retina. Once it is done, the corneal flap is then repositioned, acting like a natural bandage.

This way, LASIK can reduce or completely end your reliance on glasses or contacts, liberating you from visual constraints. What’s more, the best LASIK eye surgery in Gurgaon is quick and often provides instant results, making it one of the most popular vision correction procedures.

  • PRK

Photorefractive Keratectomy, PRK, is another type of specs removal surgery in Gurgaon that can help you get free of glasses. In it, the thin outer layer of the cornea, called the Epithelium, is gently removed, unlike LASIK which creates a flap on the cornea. Then, the excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea, fixing the vision issue. The outer layer that had been removed grows back naturally, acting like a protective bandage. 

This way, PRK helps you get clearer vision without the need for glasses! It is one of the best specs removal surgeries in Gurgaon for people with thin cornea. However, it might require a little more to recover as compared to other methods.   


Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, SMILE, is an innovative specs removal surgery in Gurgaon designed to correct vision problems. It is a newer technique in which the surgeon uses a highly precise femtosecond laser to create a tiny lens-shaped piece of tissue (lenticule) within your cornea. This piece is then gently removed through a small incision, reshaping your cornea and fixing the vision issue. 

The best part of this specs removal surgery in Gurgaon is that it requires a smaller incision compared to other methods, which means quicker recovery and less discomfort. Thus, it is a great option for those who want freedom from glasses or contacts but prefer a minimally invasive procedure. 

So, Which Specs Removal Surgery Is The Best To Go For?

The choice between LASIK, PRK, and SMILE depends on factors such as your specific vision needs, eye health, and personal preferences. However, here are some pros and cons of three of them to help you make an informed choice – 

  • LASIK: It is known for its speedy recovery and instant result; however, if you have an irregular cornea, you might not be the right candidate for it. LASIK requires you to have a certain corneal thickness, as a flap has to be created in the procedure. What’s more, you may also experience blurred vision and a burning sensation for a few hours or days after the surgery. And, though the vision stabilizes after a few days of the surgery, you might still require wearing a sleeping patch!
  • PRK: As mentioned above, PRK is the best specs removal surgery in Gurgaon for people with thinner corneas. However, it might require you to wait for around 2 to 6 weeks to recover. In addition to that, the post-surgery discomfort that comes with this type of specs removal surgery in Gurgaon is also higher as compared to other procedures. 
  • SMILE: This type of specs removal surgery in Gurgaon is your faster route to clearer vision. And, it does not involve blades, cause any noise or form any odor. But since it is a newer invention, there is less research available on it. And, it only cures nearsightedness and astigmatism. 

So, before you choose the ideal procedure for yourself, make sure to consult the expert ophthalmologists at Lall Eye Care 20 20. We will guide you and help you determine which surgery aligns best with your vision goals and lifestyle!