Understanding Contoura Vision: The Next Step In Laser Eye Surgery

In the fast-paced world of medical breakthroughs, new discoveries are changing how we tackle health issues. For instance, earlier people could not imagine life without glasses and contacts. However, advanced procedures, such as Contoura Vision, have made them a thing of the past! 

Contoura Vision surgery is a revolutionary technique in laser eye surgery that follows a customized approach. It is just like a tailor-made suit for your eyes! Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach, Contoura creates a detailed map of your eye, finding even the tiniest quirks. Then, using a precise laser, reshapes your cornea, fixing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and more.

Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon brings this blog to help you know all about the Contoura Vision surgery, exploring how it is transforming the way we say hello to better eyesight.

What Is Contoura Vision Surgery?

When it comes to getting rid of glasses with surgery, LASIK and SMILE are the popular options that fix your prescription so that you can see better even without them. However, Contoura Vision surgery goes one step further! Not only does it take care of your glasses prescription, but it also pays attention to your cornea. The cornea is like the front window of your eye, and sometimes it is not perfectly smooth – it has little bumps and dips. These imperfections can mess with your vision quality, even after LASIK or SMILE.

Contoura Vision surgery steps in and smooths out those bumps on your cornea while it corrects your prescription. This means you are not only getting clearer vision like LASIK and SMILE offer but also a smoother cornea, which can lead to even sharper and more precise eyesight.

So, when it comes to upgrading your eye’s performance to a whole new level, trust Contoura Vision Surgery!

Now, Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon will take you on a historical tour to help you understand the development of this process.

How Was Contoura Vision Surgery Developed?

Innovations to improve vision have a long history! Glasses were created in Europe during the 13th century, and contact lenses emerged in the late 1800s. Over time, further techniques to correct the vision-related issues evolved. 

  • In the 1970s, a Russian ophthalmologist, S. N. Fyodorov developed Radial keratotomy (RK), a surgery that treated nearsightedness. It involved making cuts on the cornea to change its shape. 
  • In the late 1980s, excimer lasers were used to reshape the eye’s surface, which lead to Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) surgery. 
  • Later, LASIK surgery refined the techniques of RK and PRK by reshaping the cornea after creating a small flap. 
  • In 1999, Wavefront Analysis was developed that facilitated Contoura Vision surgery, an enhanced laser procedure for precise customizations. Unlike traditional LASIK, Contoura Vision maps 22,000 corneal points to help you get better outcomes.

Why You Should Go For Contoura Vision Surgery?

According to Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon, Contoura Vision surgery is one of the best procedures for the improvement of eyesight because – 

  • It is conducted without the use of blades.
  • It causes less discomfort. 
  • It involves fewer stitches.
  • Injections are not necessary for this procedure.
  • It doesn’t require post-surgery bandaging.
  • You can walk back home shortly after the procedure.
  • It provides the opportunity to live without glasses. 

Contoura Vision Surgery vs Lasik

Both LASIK surgery and Contoura Vision surgery are advanced methods for addressing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism; however, Contoura’s advanced mapping technology provides a level of precision and customization that sets it apart.

While LASIK has been the go-to for reducing reliance on glasses, Contoura Vision surgery surpasses it with improved visual clarity and refractive outcomes. It utilizes computer-guided topography to map the cornea’s microscopic contours and treat curvature irregularities that impact vision. Unlike traditional LASIK, it focuses on the eye’s natural visual axis rather than the pupil. 

This technique customizes treatment plans for each patient by smoothing corneal irregularities and ensuring even light penetration for sharp and clear vision. Many patients experience better results with Contoura Vision surgery than with glasses, along with reduced glare and halos. It is also advantageous for individuals who are unsatisfied with prior LASIK outcomes. And, it promotes quicker healing along with minimal tissue damage.

Now, if you are wondering, ‘Can anyone go for Contoura?’, Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon has got you covered –

Who Is The Best Candidate For Contoura Vision Surgery?

While Contoura Vision offers remarkable benefits, not everyone may be a suitable candidate for it. Therefore, as per Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon, you must fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for Contoura Vision surgery.

  • You must have a prescription for eyewear.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your cornea should have sufficient thickness for the surgery.
  • You should not have any existing corneal disorders.

So, Contoura Vision surgery represents a remarkable advancement in the realm of laser eye surgery. However, it is important to explore the costs associated with the procedure before you go for it. In addition to that, you must also seek expert advice, for which Lall Eye Hospital Gurgaon is your one-stop destination. We have outstanding ophthalmologists who can help you get the best vision! So, make an appointment now.